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Like most internationally recognized Research firms, at Econometer Global Capital we use a top to bottom approach in preferring solutions which are relevant and long-lasting. An approach of company visits to get a real feel of how things are instead of relying on secondary sources of data.

The level of polarization in the SADC region could not allow us to derive our data from the grapevines. It is our desire to offer an objective independent information source which will contribute positive value. In the execution of our mandates we employ the latest trends in global thinking and technology, hence putting our clients' overall strategy on a firm footed platform.



Our Core Values

  • Independence –it will be in our interests to perform our duties professionally without any influence from forces inimical to the achievement of its reason for existence.
  • Integrity – meaning a work orientation underpinned by accountability, trust and transparency.
  • Teamwork – team meaning Together Everyone Achieves More- essentially operating as a family through open and honest communication to achieve Econometer Global Capital's purpose or reason for existence.
  • Quality – Econometer intend to make a high impact on our clients not only through our rich skills base but also through the quality and relevance of our contribution to our clientele satisfaction.
  • Respect – meaning creating win-win relationships grounded in virtues of listening, truthfulness, and lifelong learning.
  • Fairness – meaning giving all stakeholders of Econometer Global Capital equal treatment in circumstances deserving or demanding such.
  • Love – meaning uplifting self esteem to gain personal growth and achieve a stakeholder service orientation