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Our Vision

  • To be the leading research and financial advisory firm in the Equity, Money Market and Macro- Economic Research in the 14 member SADC region.

Our Mission

  • To contribute meaningfully and effectively to the growth and development of SADC’s financial service sector and the entire regional economy.
  • To provide insight, lessons and advice to the investing community on the best possible investment options. To provide a discussion platform for different Finance stakeholders on issues affecting business operations.
  • To provide Macro-Economic statistics on issues ranging from Inflation, Unemployment and other Macro-Economic variables.

Our Approach

Like most internationally recognized Research firms, at Econometer Global Capital we use a top to bottom approach in preferring solutions which are relevant and long-lasting. An approach of company visits to get a real feel of how things are instead of relying on secondary sources of data.

The level of polarization in the SADC region could not allow us to derive our data from the grapevines. It is our desire to offer an objective independent information source which will contribute positive value. In the execution of our mandates we employ the latest trends in global thinking and technology, hence putting our clients' overall strategy on a firm footed platform.

Our Deals History

The Deals History and experience of Econometer Global Capital is as follows;

  • Compilation of investor relation surveys for a number of listed companies. Initiator and lead negotiator in the creation of one of Zimbabwe's fastest growing private college.
  • Chief Financial Architects in the revival of adMedia- the only advertising concern specializing in electronic billboard advertising in Zimbabwe.
  • A Financial and Economic Advisor to a local banking institution with a special focus on Macro- Economic Advice. Had compiled Project
  • Proposals for different business interests with a 75% success rate of securing loans on behalf of the clients.
  • Specialists in proposing dissertations and project topics for tertiary institutions students in Finance and Economics.
  • Financial Advisors to Tronhem Investments – A Diamond Extraction and Mining firm in Manicaland Province