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37 Victoria Avenue Newlands, Harare

Harare Office +263242776598-9

Comprehensive Macro-Economic Intelligence

The focus will be on detailed and intelligent research, providing comprehensive statistics on major indices of the economy. The ultimate objective will be to assist those in need of information for decision making process notably Corporate, Embassies and Non Governmental Organisations.

Insights & Research

The focus will be on offering both a technical and fundamental analysis of the Equities Market with a special bias towards the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange [ZSE], Johannesburg Stock Exchange [JSE] and Lusaka Stock Exchange [LSE]. The ultimate aim is to provide both domestic and off-shore investors with detailed advice on the above mentioned Exchanges.

Organising Executive Briefings

Were research and equity analysts will get responses from burning issues concerning the quoted stocks, policy statements and other economic events

Business Strategy and Acquisition Specialists


Dedicated Economists

The focus will be on partaking as non resident economists for both Financial institutions and other Corporates which do not require full time Economists, in other words it is outsourcing economic advice which will be customised for your specific institution.

Customised Consultancy

The focus will be on preparing detailed documents notably for Corporates and Individuals who will be applying for loans from Financial Institutions.